UAE Police and Safety

The UAE has long been ranked among the safest countries in the world, a result of putting the safety of its residents and visitors at the heart of its national development strategy. The UAE’s approach to enhancing safety across the country is centered on innovation, modernization and digitization.

Some of the key initiatives developed in the UAE include:

The Abu Dhabi Safety and Security Planning Manual (SSPM), the goal of which is to safeguard communities by ensuring that safety and security aspects are included in development proposals.

The establishment of an Abu Dhabi Police unit - directly connected to INTERPOL – that specializes in disaster victims’ affairs, specifically using biometrics to identify victims.

The Community Protection Face Recognition Initiative, which deploys a facial recognition system at the UAE’s borders and critical infrastructure.

The ‘Falcon Eye’ system, a comprehensive surveillance system covering public spaces in the city of Abu Dhabi, which enables quick access to incidents where public safety is threatened. The system also monitors traffic violations and accidents, freeing up valuable time that police officers can instead use to respond to serious crimes that require quick action.

The Dubai Smart Police Station (SPS), a system of interactive, self-service kiosks operated by the police force that allow individuals to access key services offered by conventional police stations.

The launch of AI-powered ‘VAST’ (Vehicular Attention and Safety Tracker) system in January 2021 in Abu Dhabi to monitor traffic violations across the emirate, such as drivers’ mobile phone use and unfastened seat belts.


Dr. Al-Raisi has been pivotal to the ongoing modernization and digitization of policing and government services. He is deeply committed to advancing law enforcement and improving the lives of UAE citizens and beyond.

Community Contributions

Community engagement is a priority for Dr. Al-Raisi. In his spare time, he works closely with numerous youth programs focused on mentorship and collective global action.