UAE Police & Health

Beyond ensuring safety and combatting crime, UAE law enforcement is also working to promote public health across the emirates.

The UAE police is recognized globally for its role in helping amplify preventive health measures. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE police forces have relied on technology, cooperation, and innovation to help preserve the health of its residents while reducing disruptions to their daily lives due to the pandemic.

Some of the measures taken by UAE law enforcement services since March 2020 include:

Deployment of smart helmets in April 2020, allowing police officers to scan the temperatures of hundreds of people in real time.

Support to launch the Al Hosn application in April 2020 for contact tracing and isolation management of individuals infected with COVID-19.

Roll out of the "Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information Security Strategy" in July 2021 to counter cyber-attacks targeting healthcare facilities within the emirate of Abu Dhabi through the development of a proactive cybersecurity response framework.

Deployment of drones equipped with a facial recognition system allowing them to identify violations of COVID-19 safety measures.

Training and deployment of K9 dogs to sniff and detect COVID-19 infected individuals.

UAE Police & Safety

International Cooperation

The UAE law enforcement services strongly believe in the needs for greater cooperation between international police forces to respond to the steady rise of transnational and tech-driven crimes.