Dr. Ahmed
Naser Al-Raisi

Dr. Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi was elected to the INTERPOL Presidency on 25 November 2021 for a four-year term by a two-thirds majority.

Key Priorities

INTERPOL is on the cusp of a new chapter. In 1923, when a group of international policing leaders came together in Vienna to found the International Criminal Police Commission (which later became INTERPOL) the challenges faced by the policing world were much different than the ones we are facing today.

INTERPOL has grown from a 22-member organisation to a global organisation representing 195 countries.

Dr. Al-Raisi's vision for INTERPOL

INTERPOL Presidential Mandate

Dr. Al-Raisi’s vision for a modern INTERPOL emphasises an agile, diverse, and transparent organisation.

The role of the President of INTERPOL is to foster collaboration between INTERPOL’s governance bodies and facilitate dialogue during the organisation’s General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings.

Executive Committee

As President of INTERPOL, Dr. Al-Raisi chairs the meetings of the Executive Committee, of which he is a member himself. The role of the committee is to prepare the General Assembly’s meeting agenda and supervise the execution of its decisions. Along with other Executive Committee members, Dr. Al-Raisi also raises strategic priorities at the General Assembly for delegates’ consideration.

General Assembly

The President of INTERPOL presides at the annual INTERPOL General Assembly, the event in which resolutions, programs and recommendations are discussed and voted on by member countries.